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Home preparation


Inside Your Home

  • The #1 tip is to DECLUTTER.
  • Hide personal effects and products, including tissue boxes, prescription medications, makeup, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos and other toiletries. Consider putting them in a box under your sink or in a cabinet.
  • Kitchens looks best without a lot of appliances or knick knacks on the counter. One or two newer-looking appliances are ok (i.e. coffee maker, knife block).
  • Tuck wastebaskets under a cabinet or in a closet.
  • Hang fresh kitchen and bathroom towels.
  • Remove bath mats and close toilet seats.
  • Remove your family pictures from the room where possible, especially if they are large in size.
  • Put stuffed animals, trophies and toys from children's' and teens' rooms and playrooms into closets.
  • Remove dog crates and pet dishes from main living areas. Consider temporarily putting them in the garage or laundry room.
  • Where possible, open blinds and window treatments. It's not necessary for the lights to be on in the home. We'll analyze the lighting of each room during the photo session.
  • Need to see a visual? Look at or other home furnishings sites or catalogs. Notice what is NOT in the picture (the aforementioned clutter, wastebaskets and personal effects). Take note of how towels and throw pillows are used to accessorize.


Outside Your Home

  • Park the car(s) in the garage with the garage door closed, or park your car on the street away from the front of your home.
  • Pick up toys from the yard.
  • Open any umbrellas and take off grill covers.
  • Consider adding some colorful flowers or plants to accessorize your back yard, front porch, etc. Remove dead plants.
  • If you have a yard, mow the grass and trim bushes just prior to the photo session.
  • New pine straw or mulch always enhances visual appeal of any green space.
  • Sweep any porches or front walkways.


Aerial session

Contact surrounding neighbors letting them know, prior to your appointment, there will be aerial images taken by a drone of your property. Aerial Services are provided by Nflight Aerial Solutions, LLC and is FAA Licensed, (Certification #4057535) and Insured. Aerial services are subject to weather conditions and are limited to a height restriction of 400 ft. above ground. Prior FAA authorization may be required to fly. This requirement is based on the properties proximity to local airfields, heliports, etc. Ability to fly is also based on area flight restrictions.

Twilight photo session

Twilight photography is an excellent way to highlight the features of your luxury home’s exterior. Here are some tips to make sure your home is ready for its twilight close-up:

  • Someone who is familiar with all of the interior and exterior lighting and pool features should be present at the photo session, i.e. a homeowner, real estate broker or caretaker.
  • Turn on all interior and exterior lighting, including landscape and pool lighting. Be prepared to turn off flood lighting upon photographer request – these lights can be harsh and detract from the desired effect.
  • Turn on any other special exterior features, such as waterfalls and fountains, and consider lighting fires in outdoor fireplaces.
  • Remove covers from outdoor furniture and add chair cushions. Straighten pool and lounge chairs and arrange any side tables. Consider staging any tables with fresh, clean rolled towels or refreshments.
  • Open pool umbrellas.
  • Add flowering or other plants to empty planters. Remove dead plants.
  • Turn OFF yard irrigation and do NOT water flowers less than one hour prior to the photo session.
  • Driveways and patios that are partially wet / partially dry are not optimal for pictures.
  • Remove grill covers (if the grill is in good condition).
  • Park your vehicle(s) in the garage with the garage door closed, or park on the street away from the front of your home.
  • Pick up any toys from the yard, i.e. plastic children’s toys, balls and soccer goals.
  • Arrange for professional lawn care to occur at least a day prior to the session. If appropriate, replace mulch or other landscaping enhancements.
  • Sweep porches, patios, driveways and front walkways if necessary.